Historic Archaeological Research

What we do

Since 1993, HAR has provided technical support and consultation with Cultural Resource Management(CRM) firms, academic institutions and environmental companies engaged in archaeological research.

During this period, HAR personnel have worked closely with clients and diverse teams consisting of archaeologists, historians, engineers and CRM specialists from a wide variety of disciplines including cooperation on prehistoric, historic, industrial and urban archaeology projects.

Archaeological project support

  • Archival research and literature review
  • Survey, excavation, deep testing (Section 106 Phase I-III)
  • Precision site mapping
  • Near surface geophysical investigation

Who we are

HAR personnel are often employed to carry out specialized facets of large scale archaeological studies.

Our researchers, field directors and technicians are carefully selected, seasoned professionals whose background and experience closely agree with project specific demands.

Specialized services

  • Cemetery and clandestine burial delineation
  • Intensive metal detection reconnaissance
  • GIS geospatial support and analysis
  • Battlefield & historic period site studies

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